Thursday, May 31, 2007


Arthur: kisses on the first date. Is kind of a slut.
Rocky: coy, delicate flower. Bashful and demure.


Rocky: loves the beach
hates the tub

Arthur: sleeps in the tub
thinks waves are out to get him


Arthur: used to be on to the sauce. Has been dry since September.
Rocky: parties with Kate Moss. Too proud to seek help.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Rocky: concerned that insufficient capital buffers exist to properly cushion another set of catastrophic events.
Arthur: lost it all and became a hobo during the stock market crash. Lives in a shanty in Hooverville.

the derriere: for master puppy classifiers

Rocky: possesses a sizable quantity of butt fluff

Arthur: no digital camera has the resolution to capture the true majesty of his rump. His fluff is actually a highly prized source of fine downy hair that is woven by skilled artisans into shawls so fine they can pass through a wedding ring. Possession of products made by these fibers is banned in the EU.

sleeping style

Rocky: born without vertebrae. Genetically speaking, is a close relative of the hagfish.
Arthur: has sleep apnea that he self treats with a patented device.

employment and money

Rocky: worked hard, pinched pennies, saved up to buy a scooter.
Arthur: moonlights as a manwhore to pay the bills.


Rocky: clinically depressed. Awaiting the glorious day when all suffering will cease.
Arthur: high on illegal pharmaceuticals

rocky signature: hats and other headgear

Extremely fond of haberdashery.

Unless it's an octopus.

arthur signature: the sad eyes

obvious differences

Arthur: round head with ridge

Rocky: flat head

for beginners who are also idiots

Because Rocky is 7 months older, in many photos he is significantly bigger than Arthur.

for beginners

Rocky is a few shades darker than Arthur and has greater shade variations in his fur. The discerning eye will also note that Rocky's fur is shorter and sleeker while Arthur's is longer and fluffier.