Thursday, November 22, 2007

liveblogging the Thanksgiving Day game

Rocky and Arthur do a re-enactment of select highlights of the Thanksgiving Green Bay vs Detroit game that is going on in real time. There's no chicanery here folks!*

With Arthur representing Detroit and Rocky playing as Green Bay.

2nd and 1 at GB 44
T.Duckett up the middle to GB 34 for 10 yards
Detroit ends the quarter 6-0 versus Green Bay.

3rd and 7 at GB 21
J.Kitna sacked at GB 27 for -6 yards!
Halftime ends with Green Bay leading 17 to 9.

I wasn't paying attention but Green Bay dominated this quarter 14-3 so I'm assuming they get a tackle in.

2nd and 6 at GB 6
J.Kitna pass short middle to C.Johnson for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Unfortunately the Detroit rally was insufficient and Green Bay wins 37-26.

Then all pups involved break and eat turkey, then take a tryptophan induced nap.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Note: looking at EXIF data of these photos to determine when they were taken is strictly against the terms of service and constitutes a violation of the DMCA. Also, it'd be rude and petty to contradict my statement of events. Events that are happening right now. This moment.


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