Saturday, August 30, 2008


Is this brush compatible with my puppy?

The new Sonicare toothbrush is truly an innovation in canine dental hygiene, but it is not compatible with all models of puppy. Please make sure that you purchase a puppy with the NEW! enhanced greed core such as the Arthurpup Mach I. Older models such as the Rockytron Fusion Extreme do not have the enhanced greed core and are should be upgraded as soon as possible. Attempts to use the Sonicare with the Rockytron Fusion Extreme may result in baleful looks, hiding behind toilets, and frustrated shakes of the head followed by slinking away.

To ensure that the greed core is on and functioning during your Sonicaring, use a toothpaste specially designed for this purpose, such as Beef (smells like beef!) and new Seafood (smells like rotting clams!).

To avoid a potentially fatal complication, do not use the Sonicare with Beef or Seafood with human food, water not from the bathtub faucet, while sentient, or if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. Tell your doctor if you experience thoughts of suicide after using Sonicare with Beef or Seafood.


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