Thursday, August 23, 2007

famous quotes

I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met my pups who had twice as many feet and still no shoes and gave them mine to pose in.*

Rocky: sensible Danish clogs in a practical Mary Jane style. Non-slip, non-marking sole. Excellent arch support.

Arthur: delicate stiletto heels in an ankle breaking 4" height. Note that he's not actually resting weight on his feet. That's because they're secretly killing him. But don't they make his paws look fabulous? Great for when the dreamy wolfhound next door drops by.

* Runners up for famous shoe quotes included:

- The shoe-buyer's puppies go bare-pawed.
- Rocky Raccoon did everything Rock Lobster did but backwards and in really ugly but comfortable clogs.
- Do not judge a pup until he has walked a mile in your shoes that you put on his feet in order to have something to post to your blog on the internet.


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