Thursday, August 9, 2007

live from the scene

As news of legislative impropriety hits the airwaves, puppyblog is here to offer exclusive scandalous pictures of the transgression from our embedded reporter.

Image enhancement and zoom of the shot reveals a startling breach!

The Senator Rock E. Raccoon III is has pirated the trademark tail curl of one Fats McGee. Especially perverse given that the Senator has recently co-sponsored a bill that would increase the punishments for such trademark violations.

Apparently the distress of such infringement was so great that it drove the zaftig aqua-phobic little pup into the frigid depths of the Pacific Ocean, his only solace in the retrieving of his faithful bumper.

As an independent news source for puppy updates, rockyandarthur blog is not in the business of offering judgment on the private lives of individuals. However, when an elected official reveals himself to be so rife with hypocrisy as to legislate penalties for civilians while abusing his power and position to indulge in those very activities, it seems that there should be consequences. No matter how many black labs may have been present upon that beach.


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