Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Arthur: takes his treat filled kong and runs off to his crate to finish in peace. Not very adept at emptying it of its full complement of tasty.

Rocky: is a kong cowboy samurai. Ingurgitates the entirety of his kong in mere moments and then uses the dreaded eyebrow attack to beg for more. When this does not work, he takes advantage of Arthur's greed to pull a dastardly caper. To whit: he brings his empty kong to the door of Arthur's crate and drops it purposefully, whistling and shuffling his feet in hyperbolic fashion. Arthur, unable to resist the temptation of stealing his brother's food, snatches the empty kong, allowing Rocky to saunter in and grab the full treat receptacle for himself while Arthur is none the wiser. He is currently in talks to star in Oceans 14.


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