Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today's post was going to feature the birthday pup posed prettily in front of a special birthday meal but none of the opulent courses featured thus far have been photo worthy. The much desired midnight raw beef course featuring many delightful internal organs was bloody and fairly misshapen and although the pups were quite enamored with the addition of a cucumber slice and a piece of the well loved pumpkin-and-tuna-baked-training-treat, I suspect that most readers would find themselves turning a bit green. The lunch meal of kibble, half a frozen banana, and some tuna fish also was well received, but again, while the canine population is fond of the sight and scent of kibble soaking in pungent tuna juice, the majority of puppy discrimination scholars would perhaps object. I suspect that the planned dinner, likely involving cow intestine and the partially digested contents therein will also not fail to impress, but will once more, be unsuitable for documentation. Thus, a proper photographic tribute for the day will have to be delayed until something more presentable, if less palatable to the canine gourmand, is found.


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