Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Notice was received today that a defamation suit was filed by attorneys on behalf of Mr. Rock Lobster, aka "Arthur" in regards to the post made on Monday June 25, 2007. We here at rockyandarthur blog stand behind our journalistic integrity and will not be strong armed by sue happy upstart puppies and their publicists. We will not apologize for our statements and we will not tear down the post. In fact, we have found in the archives photographic evidence of a certain pebbled crustacean engaging in a game of tug when he thought himself unobserved, leading one to the inevitable conclusion that his current actions coupled with the laughable legal dispute are nothing more than a publicity stunt, a charade intended to boost his appeal to the teenage demographic. We appeal to Mr. Lobster to cease this pretense of being the dumb sexually promiscuous blond and become a true role model to his fans.

Image from the archives of the Two Pups Historical Society


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