Tuesday, June 5, 2007

calamity strikes

No update tonight as Arthur's health has deteriorated terribly. We are facing some dark times ahead. In 2006 Arthur was critically wounded while rescuing a family of 7 from a barrel about to plummet over Niagara Falls. The ensuing medical problems, including the loss of his right ear flap, caused his life to spiral out of control. His therapists believe this was the incident that precipitated his tragic descent into prostitution and poverty. In recent months he bravely pulled his life together but we were dealt a devastating blow today when a routine nap on the couch ended in tragedy. When he awoke, his joie de vivre levels were critically low. While we were warned by doctors that this could happen at any time due to the nature of his ear trauma, no one expected things to decline so suddenly. He is currently on large doses of bovine hepatic supplements but without a transplant in the coming weeks, things look grim. If you would like to be tested as a potential donor or if you would like to contribute towards the exorbitant bills for his treatment, please email rockyandarthur@gmail.com. We need all of your prayers and money to get through this terrible, terrible tragedy.

Arthur now:
Arthur only a few months before:

*Due to popular demand, an amazon wishlist has been added for those who wish to contribute towards the treatment and rehabilitation of our beloved pup.


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